accessibilità Centri Storici

The goal of this website is to give all the information you need to enter or to avoid to enter  by mistake in an enforcement Italian Restricted area.
It isn't easy to get  these information because either they  are sometimes  too complex or it is often impossible to find them.
Moreover,  we think it is even more difficult   for all those people who  don't live or don't go  there regularly, so that they don't probably  know the rules.
How many times do you usually ask if a street or a building is in a Restricted Area ? Or If  you are authorized to enter ? or more simply, if  the restricted area is working ?
This website wants to  give an answer to these questions and particularly it wants to provide information about a Limitated Traffic Zone enforced by cameras.
In Italy there are more than 250 towns with enforced  LTZ by cameras and each of them   has different rules: it is not at all  easy to recognize them.
We think every year, there are about 10 millions fines  connected to  people who enter in LTZ without any authorization and very often these people don't know they can't enter.
We got our information from different sources and these sources aren't sometimes completely reliable.
We hope you can help us to improve our information and, if you find something wrong, please contact us and give the correct information: we will be glad  and we will thank you.
Italy is lovely, Italian towns are wonderful and if you can visit them  without a fine it is much better!!!